Oconee Fall Line Technical College

1189 Deepstep Rd
Commercial Truck Driving Commercial Truck Driving Certificate8 Weeks $1,699
Diesel Equipment Technology Diesel Technician Diploma 4 Semesters$1,331
Diesel Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician Diesel Technician Certificate 1 Semester$1,331
Diesel Engine Service Technician Diesel Technician Certificate 2 Semesters$2,962
Diesel Truck Maintenance Tech Diesel Technician Certificate 2 Semesters$2,962
Heavy Diesel Service Tech Diesel Technician Certificate 3 Semesters$4,093
Transport Temperature Control Technician Diesel Technician Certificate 2 Semesters$3,662
Welding and Joining Technology Welding Diploma 4 Semesters$6,724
Advanced Shielded Metal Arc WelderWelding Certificate 2 Semesters$1,862
Basic Shielded Metal Arc WelderWelding Certificate1 Semester$1,831
Flux Cored Arc WelderWelding Certificate1 Semester$1,831
Gas Metal Arc Welder Welding Certificate 1 Semester$1,831
Gas Tungsten Arc WelderWelding Certificate 2 Semesters$2,162
Pipe Shielded Metal Arc WelderWelding Certificate3 Semesters $4,493
Pipe WelderWelding Certificate2 Semesters $1,562
Precision Machining and Manufacturing Machine Tool Technician Associate of Applied Science 6 Semesters $8,586
CNC Technology CNC Technician Diploma 5 Semesters$7,055
Advanced General MachinistMachinist Certificate2 Semesters $2,662
CNC Specialist CNC Technician Certificate2 Semesters $2,862
Mechatronics Technology Automation & Robotics Degree4 Semesters $7,624
Mechatronics TechnologyAutomation & Robotics Diploma 3 Semesters$5,993
Mechatronics Specialist Automation & Robotics Certificate 1 Semester $1,431
Mechatronics Technician Automation & RoboticsCertificate 1 Semester$1,531
Robotic Technician Automation & RoboticsCertificate2 Semesters$2,662
Programmable Control Technician Automation & Robotics Certificate1 Semester$1,531
Air Conditioning TechnologyHVACRDiploma 3 Semesters $6,093
Air Conditioning Electrical Technician HVACRCertificate1 Semester$1,531
Air Conditioning Repair SpecialistHVACRCertificate2 Semesters$2,662
Air Conditioning Technician Assistant HVACR Certificate1 Semester$1,531
Heating and Air Conditioning Installation Technician HVACRCertificate1 Semester $1,531
Healthcare AssistantHealthcareCertificate 3 Semesters$3,993
Nurse AideHealthcareCertificate2 Semesters$1,962
Healthcare Management HealthcareAssociate of Applied Science 5 Semesters$7,655
Medical Assisting HealthcareDiploma 4 Semesters$6,724
Medical Office Support SpecialistHealthcareCertificate2 Semesters$1,962
Medical Billing Clerk Healthcare Certificate 2 Semesters$2,662
Medical Front Office Assistant HealthcareCertificate2 Semesters$2,862
Associate Degree of Nursing HealthcareAssociate Degree6 Semesters $7,986
Practical Nursing HealthcareAssociate Degree5 Semesters$7,655
Pharmacy Technology Healthcare Diploma 5 Semesters$8,155
Pharmacy Technology HealthcareDiploma 4 Semesters$6,924
Diagnostic Medical SonographyHealthcareAssociate of Applied Sciences 6 Semesters$9,786
Radiologic Technology HealthcareAssociate of Applied Sciences6 Semesters $9,024
Computed Tomography SpecialistHealthcareCertificate2 Semesters $2,762
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Specialist HealthcareCertificate 2 Semesters $3,062
Respiratory CareHealthcareCertificate6 Semesters $10,086