Central Georgia Technical College

3300 Macon Tech Dr,
(478) 757-3400
Commercial Truck Driving Commerical Truck DriverCertificate9 Credit Hours
Commerical Straight Truck and Passenger DrivingCommerical Passenger Vehicle Driver Certificate9 Credit Hours
Diesel Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician Diesel Technician Certificate10 Credit Hours
Diesel Engine Service Technician Diesel Technician Certificate16 Credit Hours
Heavy Diesel Service Technician Diesel Technician Certificate30 Credit Hours
Diesel Truck Maintenance Technician Diesel Technician Certificate 23 Hours
Welding and Joining Technology Welding Diploma 54 Credit Hours
Advanced Shielded Metal Arc WelderWelding Certificate12 Credit Hours
Basic Shielded Metal Arc WelderWelding Certificate12 Credit Hours
Flux Cored Arc WelderWelding Certificate12 Credit Hours
Gas Metal Arc Welder Welding Certificate15 Credit Hours
Gas Tungsten Arc WelderWelding Certificate 15 Credit Hours
Pipe Welder WeldingCertificate9 Credit Hours
Vertical Shielded Metal Arc Welding FabricatorWeldingCertificate11 Credit Hours
Precision Machine and ManufacturingMachinist Diploma 48 Credit Hours
Basic Machining Operator Machinist Certificate 22 Credit Hours
Basic MachinistMachinist Certificate 10 Credit Hours
CNC Specialist CNC Technician Certificate 22 Credit Hours
Lathe Operator CNC Technician Certificate 15 Credit Hours
Mill Operator Machinist Certificate 15 Credit Hours
Website Designer Web Developer Certificate 24 Credit Hours
Website Developer Web Developer Certificate 35 Credit Hours
Electronics Technology Automation & Robotics Associate Degree61 Credit Hours
Electronics Fundamentals Automation & Robotics Diploma 38 Credit Hours
Electronics Technology Automation & Robotics Diploma 54 Credit Hours
Basic Electronic Assembler Electrician Certificate10 Credit Hours
Industrial Systems Technology Electrician Associate Degree 63 Credit Hours
Air Conditioning TechnologyHVACR Diploma 12 Credit Hours
Air Conditioning Electrical Technician HVACRCertificate 51 Credit Hours
Air Conditioning Technician Assistant HVACRCertificate12 Credit Hours
Residential Air Conditioning Technician HVACRCertificate 16 Credit Hours
CarpentryNCCER Carpenter Associate Degree60 Credit Hours
Carpentry Construction Diploma 42 Credit Hours
Advanced CarpentryConstruction Certificate 18 Credit Hours
Carpentry Fundamentals Construction Certificate15 Credit Hours
Carpentry Technology Construction Certificate 34 Credit Hours
Construction Management Technology Construction Associate Degree 60 Credit Hours
Construction Management Technology Construction Diploma 53 Credit Hours
Computer Programming Computer Programming Diploma 52 Hours
Drafter's Assistant Drafting/CNC Technician Certificate 11 Credit Hours
Engineering Graphics Technician CAD Operator Certificate22 Credit Hours
Engineering Technology Basics CAD OperatorCertificate 20 Credit Hours
Advanced EMTHealthcareCertificate10 Credit Hours
Advanced Medical Imaging Healthcare Associate Degree 10 Credit Hours
Associate of Science in Nursing Healthcare Associate Degree65 Credit Hours
Biotechnology Healthcare Associate Degree73 Credit Hours
Biotechnology Lab Assistant Healthcare Certificate 23 Credit Hours
Cardiovascular TechnologyHealthcareCertificate 70 Credit Hours
Clinical Laboratory TechnologyHealthcareAssociate Degree74 Credit Hours
Computed Tomography Specialist Healthcare Certificate21 Credit Hours
Dental Assisting HealthcareDiploma 55 Credit Hours
Dental Hygiene HealthcareDiploma 83 Credit Hours
EchocardiographyHealthcareAssociate Degree73 Credit Hours
Electrocardiography TechnologyHealthcareAssociate Degree26 Credit Hours
Emergency Medical Technician HealthcareCertificate 16 Credit Hours
EMS Professions HealthcareDiploma 42 Credit Hours
Hemodialysis HealthcareDiploma 37 Credit Hours
Hemodialysis Patient Care Specialist HealthcareCertificate 17 Credit Hours
Hemodialysis Reuse/Reprocessing Technician HealthcareCertificate16 Credit Hours
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Specialist Specialist HealthcareCertificate 24 Credit Hours
Medical Assisting HealthcareAssociate Degree 63 Credit Hours
Medical Assisting HealthcareDiploma 54 Credit Hours
Medical Coding HealthcareCertificate24 Credit Hours
Medical Skin Care Specialist Healthcare Certificate 15 Credit Hours
Nurse AideHealthcareCertificate13 Credit Hours
Orthopedic Technology Healthcare Associate Degree 69 Credit Hours
Paramedicine Healthcare Associate Degree 67 Credit Hours
Paramedicine HealthcareDiploma 58 Hours
Pharmacy Technology HealthcareAssociate Degree67 Credit Hours
Phlebotomy Technician HealthcareCertificate24 Credit Hours
Physical Therapist Assistant HealthcareAssociate Degree 76 Credit Hours
Polysomnography HealthcareAssociate Degree 54 Credit Hours
Practical Nursing HealthcareDiploma 57 Credit Hours
Prehospital EMS OperationsHealthcareDiploma 26 Credit Hours
Pre-Nursing HealthcareCertificate 16 Credit Hours
Radiologic Technology HealthcareAssociate Degree 77 Credit Hours
Surgical Technology HealthcareAssociate Degree 70 Credit Hours