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The Be Pro Be Proud Mobile Workshop, a 40-foot rig that showcases numerous technical professions through gamified simulators, is kicking off its fall tour in Cherokee County this week.

Be Pro Be Proud’s interactive website and mobile workshop help connect students to post-secondary training and high-demand career opportunities within the skilled professions.

The initiative’s gamified stations allow students to see what it’s like to get behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler, assemble a PVC pipe, analyze human anatomy through augmented reality, bind metal through a virtual welding experience, explore a career in linework behind the lens of an Oculus VR headset, discover robotics and automation, and test hand-eye coordination through an engaging skills challenge.

“As an MVP on the Be Pro Be Proud Mobile Workshop, I was able to experience hands-on jobs like welding,” he said. “This gave me a better perspective and led me to take welding classes at Chattahoochee Tech to further my career.”

Since its launch in 2020, Be Pro Be Proud has hosted more than 23,000 visitors on the mobile workshop, across 43 counties and 245 tour visits.

The Cherokee fall tour schedule includes:

♦ Woodstock Middle School Aug. 15 to 16

♦ Woodstock High School Aug.17 to 19

♦ Cherokee High School Sept. 12 to 16

♦ Sequoyah High School Sept. 26 to 28

♦ Dean Rusk Middle School Sept. 29 to 30

♦ Creekview High School Oct. 4 to 7

Be Pro Be Proud will kick off its spring tour in January.

♦ River Ridge High School Jan. 11 to 13

♦ Etowah High School Jan. 30 to Feb. 1

♦ E.T. Booth Middle School Feb. 2 to 3

♦ Teasley Middle School Feb. 14 to 15

♦ Freedom Middle School Feb. 16 to 17

♦ Creekland Middle School March 6 to 7

♦ Mill Creek Middle School March 22 to 23

Be Pro Be Proud Georgia is a statewide workforce development initiative working out of the Cherokee Office of Economic Development. The interactive workshop revolutionizes the way people think about the skilled professions, engaging students with hands-on modules that spark curiosity while outlining jobs and the necessary training to fulfill today’s most in-demand careers.

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Source: Cherokee Tribune & Ledger-News