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Closing the skills gap and getting students excited about being part of the trades as a career takes more than just providing them with information. It takes having students exposed to the trades through advanced technology, virtual reality simulators, and hands-on instruction and learning. Not only does this give young people the opportunity to try something new, but it can be the spark of something they've been looking for that they couldn’t find in a traditional school setting. You can't ignite passion for trades in someone who doesn’t know what's out there.

This is something our guest on today’s episode understood, so she took it upon herself with a team of trusted people and helped launch Be Pro Be Proud Georgia. Misti Martin, President and CEO of Be Pro Be Proud, joins us to let us know all about her initiative to bring mobile workshops to schools to have young students learn about the trades by using cutting edge technology. Many are trying to solve the skills gap, however, Misti is putting action behind her words and going straight to the source.

Tune in to hear about an initiative that works, and how you can find a mobile workshop in your state> 

Source: Inside the Trades: Presented by Foundryy